Spacecraft Studio

New cushion collection - Interview with Spacecraft’s maker Rosanna Ford

Justine Holt

Rosie joined Spacecraft two years ago after graduating form the prestigious Central St Martins in London and working in fashion and textiles in India and New York. Rosie collaborates with the print studio to create designs that optimise our signature prints.

Tell me a little about the new range of cushions

The latest range of cushions are textured neutrals, created from locally sourced vintage fabrics. Creams, greys, blushes and blacks in velvets and cords are rich in their simplicity and perfect for the somber winter weather.

Why the change in direction from prints?

It’s not so much a change in direction but a range that compliments the prints already in-store. The rich textures of the fabrics and the neutral colour palette compliment Spacecraft’s classic printed and hand-woven cushions. We are always investigating new ways of making, integrating the production and design processes.  This time we have sourced vintage fabrics to create a new look.  Although it’s a much more time consuming process to source vintage fabrics, the quality of the fabrics is much better and it is more environmentally sustainable.  It’s hard to find velvets made from natural fibres being produced nowadays but each of the vintage velvets and cords in the new range are 100% cotton. By using fabrics that are already in existence we use up resources instead of contributing to the fast production and consumption cycle and avoiding further contributing to environmental degradation. Using vintage fits in well with our approach to responsible and sustainable design.

We chose richly textured fabrics in neutrals that would sit well with our existing collection. We wanted to create a look that would compliment our range of prints and be warming during the winter months and transition easily into spring. Its always interesting to add a new fabric finish and the velvets in neutral colours tone down our busier prints. The velvet cushions work similarly to our metallics in that they are really responsive to their environment, reflecting the tones of different light sources so they transform over the day with changes in sunlight as well as depending on what they are situated next to.

What were you thinking about when you chose this direction?

Two things mainly, the most recent A.P.C. home collection and the nostalgia of velvet. The A.P.C. home collection has a lot of contrast with soft, earthy colours and I am attracted to the timelessness of those colours and combinations. We’ve followed that through with a high degree of contrast between the very pale cream and the black with two mid-tones in between. Velvet for me is very nostalgic. Growing up in the UK we had a brown velvet couch from the 70s that was relegated to the kids room. And speaking to our other staff members, a lot of us had similar experiences with having memories of the texture of velvet in our homes as children. It was great to be able to incorporate that sentimentality into a new design. Combining all of these inspirations and memories into a contemporary cushion that can be incorporated in with other people’s objects and can become a part of their memories is very satisfying. 


The new range of cushions in vintage, textured neutrals is available in-store at 225 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Visit us in-store to view the full range.