Spacecraft Studio


Spacecraft is an award winning art and design studio located in Melbourne's Collingwood with a shop on Fitzroy’s iconic Gertrude Street. Spacecraft’s artworks and screen printed designs are built upon the foundations of technical excellence and innovation in print, as well as a love of contemporary art. 



I suppose above all I want Spacecraft to continue to be adaptable, light on our feet, constantly challenging ourselves to invent new ways of doing things. We specialise, but the design and printing processes are fluid, anything can happen, be changed or modified.

Well, my previous studio, London Printworks, was heavily dependent on statutory funding, lots of people to report to and the funding raised for projects three years in advance. I wanted to move from that model to something much more responsive.

I think the idea… the vision, I had in the beginning, is quite like what we see today. The mixture of contemporary art and design projects, and the quality of the collaborations and partners. 

Yes, people always say I’m hard to classify and I’ve grown to love that tag, makes me feel that I might be doing something right.


Spacecraft Studio has a dedicated team of professionals who work together to achieve artistic visions.


Donna Russell

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Clara Gladstone  

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Danica Miller

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Ann Dinham

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Rosanna Ford